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P Shot

What is the P-Shot®?

The P-Shot® (Priapus Shot®) procedure provides improvements in sexual performance to men, especially if you’ve lost penis function because of prostate cancer, having an enlarged prostate, after having surgery, as a side effect of a prescription drug, or from diabetes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Tuttle offers the P-Shot® to men who want better sex and male enhancement. If you’re in Columbus, Ohio, call Columbus Wellness Medicine. Got questions? Just give us a call. One appointment could change your sex life today!

How does the P-Shot® work?
We draw a small amount of blood (the amount drawn for a blood test), put it in a centrifuge, harvest the plasma enriched growth factors, and then inject the platelet rich plasma (PRP) into your penis. Don’t worry about pain, we use a local anesthetic first.
How Long Does the P-Shot® Last?
Platelet rich plasma will begin to kick in and start working at about 2-3 weeks after the injection and then gradual improvements should occur up to 3-4 months later. Every case of erectile dysfunction is different so responses vary.
The P-Shot® for penis enlargement and male enhancement
The P-Shot® can improve sexual performance and increase penis size without surgery or drugs, and is recommended for men who want an alternative to painful male enhancement surgery.
Who should get the P-Shot®?

If you’ve tried other erectile dysfunction (ED) medications or treatments in the past and you were not satisfied, or you just want a better sex life, the P-Shot® is for you. It combats erectile dysfunction due to:

  • Prostate issues
  • Prescription drug side effects
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes

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