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Would you like to regain your vitality? Improve intimacy within your relationship? Columbus Wellness Medicine, an anti-aging medical practice and men’s clinic located within Columbus, OH, offers GAINSWave therapy for Erectile Dysfunction. Taking care of your Erectile Dysfunction is more than resolving a problem in a relationship or in the bedroom. Caring for yourself improves your overall sense of well-being, self-esteem and confidence. Take control today, call Columbus Wellness Medicine at (614) 420-2063 or click here to book an appointment online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Taking care of your Erectile Dysfunction is more than resolving a problem in a relationship or in the bedroom.

Is GAINSWave better than erectile dysfunction medications?

Erectile dysfunction medications like Viagra and Cialis have several downsides. For example, they must be taken during a certain time frame prior to having sex, they only provide temporary relief from the symptoms of ED, and there are often unwanted side effects. The goal of GAINSWave is for patients to achieve lasting results so sex can be more spontaneous.

What are the benefits of GAINSWave?

Physical benefits include increased sensitivity, firmer erections and shortened recovery time between orgasms. One of the best mental benefits is a boost in confidence.

How much does GAINSWave Cost?

The cost of GAINSWave therapy in Columbus, Ohio is unique to each person. It’s based on the number of treatments needed to get complete symptom relief. This is typically 6-12 treatments at package pricing, with individual treatments costing $500 each.

What if I don’t have erectile dysfunction? Can I still get treatment?

GAINSWave can benefit any man looking for improved erectile quality and sexual performance.

What causes erectile dysfunction (ED)?

As men get older, blood vessels in the penis contract and weaken, restricting blood flow and decreasing sensitivity. Some may turn to oral medications to combat erectile dysfunction, but these meds only relieve symptoms temporarily. Since erectile dysfunction is a result of poor blood flow, GAINSWave therapy focuses on improving and increasing blood flow in the penis for better, longer lasting performance.

How common is ED?

Erectile dysfunction can happen to men young or old. If you’re over 30, you’re probably not performing as well as you did in your 20s. In fact, over 50% of men experience some degree of erectile dysfunction in their lifetime. Whether your symptoms are minimal or severe, GAINSWave can keep you on top of your game for years.

What is GAINSWave?

GAINSWave is a non-surgical, non-invasive, drug-free solution for men to build stronger and longer erections and increase sexual performance in the bedroom.

How does GAINSWave work?

Over time, micro-plaque can build up in the blood vessels of the penis, restricting blood flow and negatively effecting sexual performance. GAINSWave uses high-frequency acoustic waves to break up the micro-plaque in the blood vessels and create new avenues for more blood to flow into the penis. The goal of GAINSWave is to produce stronger and more sustained erections for men with and without erectile dysfunction.

What can I expect during a GAINSWave procedure?

Please allow 1 hour. The procedure itself is non-invasive, and non-surgical, only taking about 15-20 minutes. However, the topical anesthetic is applied 30 minutes before the procedure starts.

How many GAINSWave treatments will I need?

Typically, a patient will need 6 to 12 treatments to get the best results. Since each patient is unique, consult your doctor for treatment recommendations.

Are there any side effects of GAINSWave therapy?

There are little to no known side effects.

How long does GAINSWave therapy last?

Results have shown GAINSWave to last up to two years.

What is Peyronie’s disease?

Repeated injury to the penis, whether from sex, athletics or an accident, can cause scar tissue to develop. This fibrous scar tissue may cause curved and painful erections. As a result, most men suffering from Peyronie’s disease also develop ED. GAINSWave therapy can break down the scar tissue, allowing for straighter, healthier and pain-free erections.

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