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Erectile Dysfunction: Treatment Options

Erectile Dysfunction: Treatment Options

When it comes to Erectile Dysfunction (or ED for short), you are not alone. There are over 3 million cases diagnosed in the U.S. each year. Although ED is more common as you get older, it doesn’t need to be something you have to live with. Thankfully, there have been immense breakthroughs in treatment options that allow you to regain your vitality. No longer does ED have to be a main focus of your relationship in the bedroom. If you are in the Columbus, Ohio area, or anywhere in the U.S., and suffer from ED, we have proven methods of treatment available for you. Take control today and learn more about your options for treating ED.



You wake up one day and realize as a man you can’t perform like you should and as a woman, you are no longer interested in sex. You realize you have put on unwanted weight and you aren’t happy about it. How can you feel sexual if you do not like the way you look?

How did life get away from us? How did we forget about caring for ourselves? And, the most important question, why is it such a struggle to get our life and diet under control? There are many answers to these questions-family and work commitments; minimal time to prepare good meals; eating on the go; and exhaustion. Americans eat a lot of processed foods. These foods are full of preservatives, herbicides, and pesticides. Even if you cook for yourself, if are not buying organic you are exposing your body to the chemicals in these foods. Many of the environmental pollutants act like estrogen and attach to estrogen receptors. This wreaks havoc with your hormonal balance. These toxic chemicals are stored in our fat cells making it hard for us to lose weight.

To make a change, what do you do? First realize you have control. If you choose to take action, you can improve your health and ultimately your sexual function. Start with a plan and understand what you can and cannot eat. Do not think of this as “going on a diet.” Instead, your mindset should be that you are making a lifestyle change that will allow you to enjoy your life. The right attitude will help you focus. If you should not eat sugar accept it, focus on the plan and do not cheat.

The end result will be worth the sacrifice. You will find you lose weight, have more energy, sleep better, have a clearer mind, a better mood, and an improved sex life.

Therefore, if you find yourself lacking in sexual function, the first thing to do is assess your diet .

Start making healthy eating choices, drink plenty of good filtered water, be constant, stay the course and results will follow!

Feeling Isolated and Stressed

Feeling Isolated and Stressed

Did you know chronic stress, including worry, increases premature aging? And, it increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, depression, anxiety and obesity? Don’t let this happen to you – instead lets control your worry and rumination! Here’s how:


MINDFULNESS—be in the here and now. Focus all your attention on the present. Do this by being aware of your breathing and external environment, but don’t hold on to any thoughts – especially negative thoughts. Let them come and pass right through you—like water traveling down a stream.

BREATHING— inhaling (taking breaths in) activates your sympathetic nervous system (SNS). This is your fight or flight system. Breathing into your chest increases your SNS. When this system is chronically activated it causes increased inflammation and oxidative stress that can lead to disease.

EXHALING – (breathing out) activates the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). This system is calming and has anti-inflammatory effects on your body and brain and helps decrease chronic stress.

PROPER BREATHING TECHNIQUE – learn to breath into your belly—not into your chest. Watch/feel your belly expand with each inhalation, not the shoulders lifting as will occur when you breath into your chest. When you exhale—make the breath going out take longer than the breath coming in. this, too, has a calming effect. Practice this technique until it becomes automatic. When you become anxious or upset, check how you are breathing and practice this technique. You will feel the anxiety decrease, the heart rate decrease, the pounding heart settle down.

Practice both Mindfulness and Breathing Exercises daily—multiple times a day. This daily practice will retrain your brain to stay calmer, which ultimately will keep you healthier.

Protecting ourselves past COVID-19

Protecting ourselves past COVID-19

Physical distancing and washing our hands is important and preventative but we need to go farther than that and improve the health of our immune system – we need to focus on ways to keep our immune system healthy.

We’ve heard it often, but it is important to remember to get good, restorative sleep of at least 7 hours per night. Exercise regularly. Eat a diet rich with vegetables and fruits of all colors at every meal. Avoid sugars and heavy starch loads. Stop smoking. Consume minimal to no alcohol. Avoid environmental toxins as much as possible. Reduce stress.

We understand saying the same things over and over again may not create change, after all we are currently dealing with working from home, home schooling our kids, financial insecurity, and lack of social interaction. But, we need to realize that making life-style changes and improving our sleep, diet, stress, and yes habits will play an important role in protecting our immune system.

Why is protecting our immune system so important? If our immune system is working appropriately then if we are exposed to a virus the innate immune system should respond immediately triggering the adaptive immune response. Inflammation is created and necessary to clear the infection. After the infection is cleared, in a normal functioning immune system the inflammation stops, and we go back to a healthy baseline immune system.

Poor diet, lack of restorative sleep, too much stress, and poor habits prevent our immune system from protecting us and fighting off infections. As today’s health challenges have taught us, it’s time to take control and make the required changes to enjoy a healthy and long life.

Feeling Isolated and Stressed

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Now is the time to treat yourself and your partner to a gift that keeps on giving – a gift of intimacy between you and your partner. Erectile Disfunction can be a struggle – causing anxiety and a lack of connectedness. How wonderful to know you do not have to struggle any longer. You can gift yourself a love life that you used to have. Gainswave is an acoustic wave treatment that repairs the penile tissue. The treatment is provided over six weeks with gradual improvement and full effect occurring within 90 days.

During your first appointment we will uncover the causes of your erectile dysfunction. ED is usually due to decreased vascular flow, but what caused the decrease? There are a number of underlying causes such as high blood pressure, diabetes, alcohol consumption, or diet. There can also be a psychological reason – fear of not being able to perform.

Once the tissue is rejuvenated and you are back to functioning properly, you will be able to enjoy intimacy again like you used to. At Columbus Wellness Medicine we combine the discovery of why you are struggling with ED to improve your lifestyle, combined with Gainswave treatments, so the treatments will be long lasting.